The Actron CP9550 PocketScan OBD II diagnostic code reader is one of Actron’s simple yet effective code scanners that will quickly identify and problems you may have Actron CP9550 with your vehicle. Diagnostic trouble codes and descriptions are just a taste of the different tasks that it can take on.

The CP9550 is Controller Area Network-compliant (CAN) and allows free frame data, Vehicle Identification Data information, and takes care of the critical Inspection Maintenance (I/M) readiness tests by exhibiting the I/M readiness status.

Its fully functional assets make it perfect for use before and after any repairs, while its small size and compact features makes it great for quick use and easy storage. There are no complicated menus to try and figure out, it is a very user-friendly unit to use and even if you have no experience with one of these you will be able to start using it right away as the learning curve is minimal.

Overview of the CP9550

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Key features of the Actron CP9550 diagnostic code reader

State-of-the-art OBD-II diagnostics

Since the 80’s, Standardized OBDs (OBD I initially and OBD II presently), have been mandated for almost every car and light truck. This has provided automotive technicians with a closer look into the ever-increasingly intricate inner systems of modern vehicles.

However, these systems have been unheard of by most consumers, with the lone indication that there’s a potential problem with their cars coming to their attention when the malfunction indicator light (MIL) or “Check Engine” light is turned on.

Actron CP9550 diagnostic code scanner

Professional technicians make use of large and expensive diagnostic scanners for translating the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) created by the internet computer networks within the vehicle.

As a result, the cost is passed down to you by your repairman no matter if you understand the mechanism and reason or not, but a reliable, entry-level DIY diagnostic code reader like the Actron CP9550 will not leave you out in the dark.

User-friendly one touch buttons

The CP9550 PocketScan will let do-it-yourselfers inexpensively and instantly access the generic OBD II codes presented by their vehicles, which signifies a wide range of vital diagnostic data. These codes can be easily read by the CP9550’s one-touch read and delete buttons during standard vehicle use or in case of a malfunction indicator light alert, with the definitions displayed conveniently on-screen.

CAN compliant

Made with user-friendliness in mind, the Actron CP9550 is CAN compliant, uses a regular OBD II 16-pin connector and comes with a permanently linked cable to the unit.

The CAN feature lets the device interact with the various diagnostic subsystems inside your car, while the regular pin layout and permanent cable orientation makes sure that you can always connect your car’s DLC (Data Link Connector) and OBD II input port (typically located under the dashboard).

Actron CP9550 reviewAdvanced vehicle data access

Besides code reading, the CP9550 PocketScan will also grant you access to the more advanced vehicle data. These include display and reading of freeze frame data (snapshots of the overall sensor readings for the car’s central computer during an MIL incident), access to the vehicle ID number (VIN), and the status of your car’s I/M (Inspection and Maintenance) monitors, wherein a proper working state is crucial to passing the emissions tests mandated by the state.

Additional information

The Actron CP9550 PocketScan OBD II Diagnostic Code Reader measures 7.6 by 5.1 by 1.6 inches and tips the scales at approximately 1 pound. The PocketScan Code Reader kit includes a 16-pin OBD II connector and a handy user’s manual upon purchase. It comes protected by the company’s 1 year limited warranty on parts and service.

Final thoughts on the Actron CP9550 diagnostic code reader

Although this is one of Actron’s lower level diagnostic code readers, it is still an incredibly powerful little tool, and if you do not need all of the additional features that their more expensive models provide, then you are getting a great code reader in this CP9550.

The results that this model produces are fast and accurate. For the price of the Actron CP9550 you really do get a great diagnostic code reader that will certainly help you find any computer problem you may have with your vehicle at any time.

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