The professional grade Actron CP9575 auto scanner, provides you with an affordable way to get an incredible amount of data from your vehicle. It has all the features of Actron CP9575some of the more expensive scanners, yet will still cost you under $100.

The Actron CP9575 is compatible with all vehicles from 1996 and onwards that have OBD II and CAN. It is an extremely easy tool to use, you do not need to have had any prior experience with using auto scanners to be able to get started quickly with the CP9575.

As with all Actron scanners, it is their simplicity paired with their ability that makes them such good quality code scanners, and the Actron CP9575 is a great example of that. Simply plug it in and let it go about its work finding you any problems that may lie within your vehicles on-board computer system.

As the Actron CP9575 is a step up from the code readers, it will be able to display live data as it scans through your vehicle’s system. This will give you a more accurate way to diagnose any problems, and of course it is going to make the whole process that much quicker for you too.

Overview of the CP9575

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Key features of the Actron CP9575

USB connectivity

The great thing about having a USB connection available is that you can keep the unit updated at all times, so any new codes and data will be used by the Actron CP9575 each time it gets updated. This is very simple to do, and can be quickly plugged into your PC via the USB cable.

Actron CP9575 review Actron-CP9575-3a

State OBD checking ability

You can use the state OBD check to get a good indication on whether your vehicle will pass an emissions test. This is always handy to know before you go for the test, so you can get it fixed beforehand if you find it to be over the required levels.

Actron-CP9575-1aOver 15,000 codes

You can quickly access over 15,000 generic codes, and it will also show you manufacturer specific codes too. This gives you an extremely quick resource to finding and solving any problems that you may have with your vehicle.

Additional features

As all this data is being processed and appearing on the screen, it is easy to miss things as more data is continuously processed. To deal with this, the Actron CP9575 has a freeze frame capability to ensure that you do not miss the important information you need.

The display on the CP9575 is large and very clear and easy to read. The whole device is extremely easy to navigate. You can actually operate the device with just one hand, the buttons are large and you should be able to do it with either hand while you look around the motor and in the engine if required.

Final thoughts on the Actron CP9575

This device is very powerful and will be able to scan through your on-board computer quickly and give you fast and accurate results. You will be able to find any problems that may be lurking in your vehicle’s onboard computer, and get solutions for them all from the extensive database of code definitions. Considering you can get the Actron CP9575 for under $100, this is a really good auto code scanner and certainly worthy of serious consideration.

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