The Actron CP9580 is an extremely easy to use and innovative auto scanner. It uses the excellent Code Connect system, that will let you quickly find the solution from a Actron CP9580 current database of over 4.3 million verified fixes. This database is continually being updated also, and will just make things that much more easy and efficient for you.

There are a lot of advanced features on the Actron CP9580 that really makes it so much more effective to find and solve any problems you are having with your vehicle. With the complex computers used in many of the modern day vehicles, having a tool like this will really help save you a lot of time, and ultimately money too.

As well as the main software features behind the Actron CP9580, you also have some really good hardware additions too that will help the overall implementation and usage of this device. You can opt for additional battery power if you need this. The device also has a USB port, so you can update your information when you are out in the field.

An overview of the CP9580

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A closer look at the Actron CP9580

Code Connect

The Code Connect feature on this Actron CP9580 auto scanner is what really gives this the incredible solution finding power it has. All of the codes brought up on the display will have a Code Connect sign, and you simply push the Code Connect button and it will then scan the enormous database and find the right solution for the code provided.

Actron CP9580 auto code scanner Actron CP9580 review

You get real time data given to you on the display. And another great feature of the Actron CP9580 is that is lets you display this live data in the form of a graph too. So instead of just looking at a lot of numbers and figures, you can get the device to show you the data in the form of a live graph so you can actually visualize the information, which is just much clearer for some people.

OBD-II and CAN compatibility

The Actron CP9580 is capable of reading OBD-II and CAN vehicles from 1996 and newer. This now includes Asian coverage and also ABS codes too. The device is also compatible with trilingual. This gives you the ability to use the CP9580 effectively on so many more vehicles now, so it really will be the go-to solution for solving the onboard technical problems.

Freeze frame data

You have the ability to freeze the frame when the Actron CP9580 is going through the wealth of data. This is particularly useful considering how much data can go through the screen in a short period of time, so it will allow you to study any data more clearly without having to rush.

It is extremely easy to freeze the data at any position you want using the keyboard, so you will be able to quickly jump in and stock any time you see something relevant. You also have the ability to print any data too for added convenience.

Actron-CP9580-5aAdditional features

The Actron CP9580 comes with an extra long cord, so you can walk around to the front of your vehicle and look under the hood with the device still in your hand. When the device is plugged into the motor and communicating with it, there will be a visual display that shows this, so you will not unplug it at a time when it could be delivering important data.

The device also uses a Top Reported Fix database, that shows you the most common fixes used for the particular problem that you locate. This again just helps you to really minimize the amount of time it takes to find and fix any problem you have with your vehicle.

Final thoughts on the Actron CP9580 auto scanner

The CP9580 is extremely easy to use, and comes loaded with a huge amount of really useful features. The ability to be able to use the integrated Code Connect is invaluable. To be able to instantly search the current 4.3 million database for the right solution is the recipe for fast and efficient problem solving, and certainly makes this already very good device that much better. Overall, the Actron CP9580 is a very good quality auto scanner with a lot of innovative features that just help you find and fix the problems.

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