The Autel AL301 OBDII/CAN Code Reader has been released onto the market for those who want to find the best and most powerful tool for diagnostic requirements. Each vehicle is different, but all post 1996 vehicles are designed to be OBD II compliant.

This code reader is able to handle all of these systems with ease and provide the kind of diagnostic results that are required in the modern age. Let’s take a deeper glance as to what this Autel AL301 OBDII/CAN Code Reader is all about and what it has to offer those who want the best of the best.

Autel AL301 OBDII CAN Code Reader


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Easy to Use

One of the biggest issues that most users end up complaining about when it comes to these code readers has to do with how difficult they are to use. With this code reader, that is a thing of the past and that is a major plus point.

A code reader that is easy to use is always going to be put ahead of other options on the market. Usability is a major factor for those users who do not have time to fiddle around with new software and just want the issue to be assessed before repairing.

Erases Codes

Those ‘check engine’ lights can become frustrating in a hurry and in most cases come on for the most simplistic of reasons. After you have checked what the issue is, you can remove the ‘check engine’ light in order for it to stop bothering you.

This is a neat, little feature that should not be overlooked by those who want something that is convenient and will get rid of that often annoying indicator.

This device is designed to handle the codes associated with that light as soon as it is asked to and that is a great feature to have.


A lot of individuals believe that the codes that are being processed should be simple to understand, yet detailed enough to pinpoint the actual concern. This is what this reader is able to deliver after it has been tested on a number of vehicles.

It is quite detailed and gets the job done when it comes to making sure the right codes are being displayed. You can just quickly sift through to find what the code means and have the issue right in front of you ready to repair.


The final benefit of this Autel AL301 has to be how affordable it is and the price point at which it is being retailed. A lot of other code readers are relatively more expensive and this is quite affordable for what it is able to deliver.

Car owners can get this at quite an affordable price and that is a great bargain to consider. You will always want to get such a code reader in hand before you go in for repairs or just to get an assessment of why the light is showing in the first place.

Final thoughts on the Autel AL301

This is a fantastic code reader simply because of the features it has to offer. It is OBD II compliant which is almost mandatory in the modern era of diagnostics for vehicles. Plus, it has the ability to easily read and assess the issue that is at hand in order for repairs to be made right away. The Autel AL301 OBDII/CAN Code Reader is easy to use and that is critical with all the complex pieces of equipment that are out there to do this job.

Everyone craves something that is simple and straightforward, which is exactly what is on offer here.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Autel AL301 OBDII/CAN Code Reader