If you’re looking for complete vehicle coverage for over 50 domestic, European and Asian vehicles,this could be the product for you. The Autel Maxidas DS708 is the perfect device to have on hand at any garage or repair shop. The Autel Maxidas DS708 vehicle diagnostic system has been manufactured by a team of expert engineers and technicians at Autel Intelligent Tech, an R & D company who are at the forefront of the automotive industry.

Autel Maxidas DS708

Who should consider buying this tool?

This tool allows the smaller repair shops to provide a complete service in their own shop as it replicates the tools used by the automotive dealers.  It is a state of the art vehicle diagnostic system that offers stable, easy, quick and accurate diagnosis of car problems. The main benefit of this system is the range of features it provides given the price. The DS708 is a significant step up from other OBDII scanners on the market.  Its functionality is comparable to systems that are a lot more expensive.



One way this scanner sets itself apart from the cheaper scanners is that it offers additional functions including live data as well as ECU programming.

Additionally the system comes with Wi-Fi internet capability which allows for wireless access throughout the workshop. The Maxidas DS708 supports all nine OBDII test modes and all of the five OBDII protocols. Not very many products offer all that in a consumer priced product.


The built-in over voltage protection keeps the system and the vehicle from being damaged accidentally. The Maxidas DS708 features Autel’s Uni-SCANTM system which eliminates the need for extra adapters or keys.


The touch screen is easier to use and keep clean in a garage or workshop than a scanner featuring small buttons.  The navigation is intuitive which is helped by the large screen.  In a matter of minutes you can have live playbacks and data that will help you to pinpoint any issues with sensors or components. Once these issues are pinpointed it is simply a matter of repairing the issues and you or your customer will be on your way.


Lightweight and easy to use, many repair shops are purchasing this diagnostic tool to replace other models that are far more expensive to keep updated. The Wi-Fi update functionality allows for easy software updates, and automatic Wi-Fi data logging results in accurate and speedy technical support.   Autel offers updates as they are available so there is no fear that the system will be out of date.

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More features…

You are able to reprogram keys once you get the key code from the dealer, which helps to provide proof of ownership for free. The ability to reset ABS and reprogram specific modules on some cars are features of the tool. The tool comes with many innovative features,  some of the ones we haven’t mentioned are listed below.

  • The dual processor technology helps to diagnose a problem quickly
  • The Windows operating system makes using the tool easy and provides more stable performance and better compatibility.
  • The advanced USB communication system will help in faster and accurate diagnosis.Autel Maxidas DS708 with free Autel test tool
  • You are able to save, capture or print screenshots easily.
  • The tool is able to display live data in a range of formats including text, analog and graphs for easy analysis.
  • The DS708 can record and playback live data which can help to pinpoint troubles in sensors and other components of the vehicle.
  • The innovative graph merging feature helps to detect those frustrating intermittent problems more easily.
  • Component adaptations, TPMS programming, & immobilizer are some of the features of the DS708 which are not found on many other OBDII scanning tools.
  • The product comes with a one year warranty and world class technical support.


The first year of updates are free, however after that you will need to pay an annual fee for updates.  This is similar to other professional tools, although the Autel Maxidas DS 708 is a lot cheaper at around $795 per year for updates.  The only downside with the tool is that it may take sometime getting used to.  Also the menu is not unified. For example if you plan to check the ECU, some manufacturers will list it as ECU unit while some others may list it as PCM units. These are minor issues however and don’t detract from the overall value of this unit.


If you’re a small repair shop trying to stay within a budget this is an ideal product.  Reasonably priced it offers users access to a lot of functions and information that are generally only available on far more expensive devices.    There are other products out there, but they are not as reasonably priced nor do they offer the updates that the Autels DS708 Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis product offers.


Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in the industry for decades, this Autel DS708 Automotive Diagnostic and Analysis product offers the best of both worlds. It’s going to instill confidence in customers and gain you more business in short order.

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