While Innova has a lot of higher range auto scanners available, they also offer some entry level models too, that still comply too their usual quality standards. One such Innova 3030model is the Innova 3030, which has cut out all of the additional features and extras you will find on some of their models, but still leaves you with a very good and reliable diagnostic code scanner.

Using the Innova 3030 is extremely straight forward, as you may expect. It is able to provide you with fast and efficient diagnostic results, and all of the findings are clearly labeled on their unique and patented all-in-one display. The display is able to show you up to 25 different pieces of information at the same time, so you can get a really good overview of the data being produced.

Overview of the 3030 code scanner

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Key features of the Innova 3030

Code diagnosis capability

The Innova 3030 is an effective tool for vehicles manufactured from 1996 to present. It has links to the OBD II protocols along with the Control Area Network or the CAN. With these links, the 3030 is able to decode problems with the engine of vehicles that include light trucks and minivans. It is effective for both domestic and imported vehicles.

Innova 3030 review

The code diagnosis capability feature also comes with diagnostic resources from the official website of Innova products. You can determine possible solutions to the problem when you visit the website, and this is always being updated.


If you need to transfer the diagnostic information of your car taken by the Innova 3030, you just have to connect it to a desktop computer or a laptop through the USB port. The USB cable comes as a part of the package. You can also use it to connect to the internet for information on how to troubleshoot the problem.


One of the best features of the Innova 3030 is its patented all-in-one screen display. This feature allows you to visualize vital information all at once without navigating on the complicated menu options. You can easily see the data you need about the engine check so you will know what to do in just a few minutes. The 3030 is also featured with a unique single-button access to make it much easier to use.

Additional features

There are many other exciting features that can be found with the Innova 3030 Diagnostic Code Reader. These include the following:

-Automatic refresh functions
The Innova 3030 is featured with automatic refresh functions to help determine the status of the ongoing repair. It updates the condition of your car every 30 seconds for you to verify improvement.

-Data retrieve functions
You can also retrieve the data from the previous diagnosis results of your car with the Innova 3030. You can retrieve global, specific and pending codes through this Innova 3030 diagnostic code scannerfeature.

-Emission readiness advisor feature
Along with knowing how well your engine works with the Innova 3030, you can also determine the readiness of your car for emission tests.

Final thoughts on the Innova 3030

The 3030 diagnostic scanner by Innova is a powerful entry-level diagnostic tool, that provides you with important data from your on-board vehicle computer. The excellent display will show you all the data you need to know to find effective solutions. The Innova 3030 is a very affordable entry level diagnostic code scanner, and will give you the ability to find any problems in your vehicle very quickly.

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