The Equus Innova 3100 OBD II Code Reader is the DIYers diagnostic tool that is loaded with several professional features. This user-friendly device will connect to your car,Innova 3100 SUV, or truck from 96′ and above and acquire DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) along with code definitions from the computer of your vehicle.

It will also let users view freeze-frame data for easier problem diagnosing. The scanning tool features a unique all-in-one screen display and three color coded LED display for checking OBDs faster. Pair that with the ability to interface with your PC and connect to the internet, and you have a pro-quality, hand held diagnostics tool.

With the USB connection ability on the Innova 3100, you can quickly transfer data to and from the unit to the PC. The data provided to the 3100 is fast, and will update every 30 seconds when it is plugged in. This will give you a really thorough and efficient look over your onboard computer system.

A look at the 3100 by Innova

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Key features of the Innova 3100

OBD II protocol and CAN compliant

The Innova 3100 can be link with all OBD II protocols, including Controller Area Networks (CANs). This diagnostic scanner can also retrieve OBD II DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes): P0, P2, P3, and U0 Generic Codes, along with P1, P3, and U1 Manufacturer Specific Codes.

Innova 3100 review

The diagnostic codes are stored in the 3100’s memory for off-car analysis and review. It is also equipped with an auto refresh feature for updating data every 30 seconds when linked to your car. This will help guarantee that the repair was successful.

Innova-3100-3aSingle button interface and all-in-one screen display

Unlike other diagnostic tools that require users to sort through multiple layers of menus to locate what they want, the 3100 uses a perfect combination of single-button interface and all-in-one screen display.

The single-button interface will let you access your needed data quickly and more efficiently while the all-in-one screen display will let you view up to 25 pieces of essential data in 3 different languages – English, Spanish, and French, without navigating through layers and layers of menus.

Unique Emission Status LEDs

As OBD II based systems are now being used in more than 30 States for checking emissions readiness, Equus designed the Innova 3100 with the functionality of reading the same emissions data used by these mandatory tests so you can be sure if your vehicle will pass or not.

Possible emission problems can be quickly diagnosed thanks to its simple 3-color system (Red – Fail, Green – Pass, and Yellow – Possible Problems). This feature comes absolutely free of charge upon purchasing the Innova 3100, unlike those from other diagnostic tool manufacturers that charge an extra 100 bucks and requires a separate tool purchase.

Added diagnostic resources

Another wonderful feature of the Innova 3100 CAN OBD II Diagnostic Code Reader is that it allows access to RepairSolutions via the Innova website. This added feature will Innova-3100-4alet you take control of your car diagnostics by getting the answers you seek on why the Check Engine indicator light is on. Basic reports are free upon the scanner’s purchase, while comprehensive analysis reports and available for an extra fee.

Additional information

The Innova 3100 CAN OBD II Diagnostic Code Reader measures 12 by 8.5 by 2.5 inches and weighs approximately 2 pounds. The diagnostic code reader kit comes complete with an OBD II 16-pin DLC cable, USB cable, RepairSolutions software, and the Equus Understanding OBD II video. It comes protected by the company’s 1 year limited warranty on parts and service.

Overall conclusion for the Innova 3100

The 3100 is a fast and reliable diagnostics tool that will find any problems with your vehicle computer system very quickly, and give you the solutions you need to get it fixed. The display shows you all the data you need to see, and you can also transfer your findings over to your PC via the USB connection. You can get the Innova 3100 for under $100 on Amazon, and this is great value for money for this excellent diagnostic tool.

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