Equus knows how important modern vehicle computers are, especially for determining the required maintenance through OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) codes. That’s why theyInnova 3150 developed the Innova 3150 Professional Diagnostic Scanner as an affordable and user-friendly device that will assist amateur mechanics and DIY consumers determine why the “Check Engine” light indicator is coming on.

Aside from providing the critical OBD II code info, the Innova 3150 also comes with the anti-lock braking system (ABS) diagnostic feature for troubleshooting problems with ABS pump motors, ABS solenoids, speed sensors, control modules, brake switches and more on 96′ and up cars, mini vans, light trucks, as well as domestic and foreign SUVs.

It also has the added functionality that lets it interface with your computer and an internet connectivity for instant software updates. This is an excellent feature as it will allow you to keep your device as up to date as possible, and you will be able to quickly run any new updates as soon as they come out.

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A closer look at the Innova 3150 diagnostic code scanner

Single button function and all-in-one screen display

Handheld diagnostic devices are expected to put all the information you need right in the palm of your hand. But in most cases, other diagnostic scanners bury this information deep within the device, forcing you to navigate through layers and layers of menus before finding what you need.

Innova 3150 review

The Innova 3150 Professional Diagnostic Scanner begs to differ. With a smart blend of single button interface and an exclusive all-in-one screen display that will let you view up to 25 items of crucial information in 3 different languages – English, Spanish, and French.

All of this without having to rummage through a multitude of menus and get lost with multiple buttons. Instead, you can guarantee quick and efficient data access whenever you need it.

Innova-3150-5aExclusive emission status LEDs

More than 30 States in the US today utilize an OBD II system for checking emissions readiness, which makes it all the more important to be fully aware of your vehicle status and keep it in tip-top condition. To answer this call, the Innova 3150 was engineered with the ability of reading the same exact emission data that these state-requisite tests do so you’ll see if you can pass it on the first attempt.

Centered around a modest color-coded scheme where red means “fail”, yellow indicates a “potential problem”, and green denotes “pass”, you can get to diagnose possible emission issues quickly. While other manufacturers charge more than a hundred bucks for this feature and requires the purchase of separate tools, the Innova 3150 Pro-Series has this feature included.

Added diagnostic resources

The Innova 3150 from Equus allows access to RepairSolutions via canobd2.com. This will let you have control over the vehicle diagnostics as it provides you with all the solutions on why the “Check Engine” indicator light turned on. Upon purchasing the diagnostic scanner, you will also be provided with a basic report for free, while a Innova 3150 diagnostic code scannercomprehensive analysis is available at an additional fee.

Additional information

The Innova 3150 OBD II ABS / SRS+ Pro-Series Diagnostic Scanner fills out 11 by 7.8 by 3 inches of space and tips the scales at a very lightweight 2 pounds.

The diagnostic scanner kit comes complete with an OBD II 16 pin DLC cable, PC cable and software, Understanding OBD II video from Equus, instructions manual in English, French, and Spanish, along with a convenient nylon tool storage pouch for carrying the device while on foot. Equus backs the device with a 1-year limited warranty on parts and service.

Last words on the Innova 3150

As with most of the Innova code scanners, you get a lot of information delivered to you quickly, and it can all be seen on the large blue LCD display it uses. This will enable you to get a really clear overview of what is going on with your vehicle’s computers and see problems as they are found. The Innova 3150 is under $200, yet you get a lot of functionality for the price.

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