Despite its tech-savvy name, the Innova 3160B is not just a diagnostic code scanner for the pros, but also for the novice DIY mechanic. It has the same functions and Innova 3160Bfeatures like the 3150 from Equus, but comes with the added blue backlit screen display and is integrated with the state-of-the-art SAE Enhanced Live Data system for rapid analysis and reviews.

Aside from these, the 3160B is also equipped with an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) code checker, bi-directional testing, oxygen sensor results, and car ID capture. With all this ability at your finger-tips, the 3160B offers a really thorough checking ability and allows you to quickly and easily identify any problems you may have with your on-board computer system.

Overview of the 3160B

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A closer look at the Innova 3160B

SAE enhanced live data

What separates the Innova 3160B from its elder cousin, the 3150, is its blue backlit screen that offers clearer views for diagnostics and the SAE. Enhanced Live Data capability, this advanced feature comes complete with graphs, views, and playback of active PCM data streams which lets the user prioritize PIDs (live data values) for faster analysis and reviews.

Anti-lock braking system

The ABS diagnostic functionality is engineered for troubleshooting problems with ABS pump motors, ABS solenoids, speed sensors, control modules, brake switches, and more on Chrysler, Ford, and GM vehicles (1996 models and up).

Innova 3160B review

This means that if your vehicle has the ABS or “Check Engine” light indicator on, you won’t have to get your toolbox for 2 separate tools, and instead let the Innova 3160B take care of both tasks for you. Add to that an internet connectivity that ensures easier software updates, and you get a multi-function, pro-quality diagnostic device that you can rely on for the coming years.

Innova-3160B-3aAll-in-one blue backlit screen and single button interface

Users expect their diagnostic scanners to have all the needed information in one easy-to-use handheld device. However, many diagnostic tools fail miserably in this attempt, which ends up in forcing the user to navigate through a plethora of menus to get to what they want.

The Innova 3160B answers this call by using an exclusive, all-in-one blue backlit screen that let users view up to 25 pieces of data (in English, Spanish, or French) without the need of switching screens, along with a single-button interface that reduces menu scrolling – for quicker, and more efficient data access.

Emission status LEDsInnova-3160B-4a

More than thirty States in the US check emissions readiness using an OBD-based system. Equus addresses the issue by designing the Innova 3160B with the ability of reading the similar emissions data used by these state-mandatory tests so you can be sure if you’ll pass or not.

It works with an easy color-coded scheme where:

  • Red = Fail
  • Green = Pass
  • Yellow = Possible Problems

Unlike the other diagnostic tools that charge an added $100 and require a separate tool purchase, the 3160B has this feature included upon purchase.

Additional information

The Innova 3160B OBD II Professional Diagnostic Scanner measures 7 by 3 by 10 inches and weighs approximately 2 pounds. Access to RepairSolutions is available via, for taking control over vehicle diagnostics by getting basic reports (free) and comprehensive analysis (additional purchase).

The diagnostic scanner kit comes complete with an OBD II 16-pin DLC cable, PC cable and software, Understanding OBD II video, nylon storage pouch, and user’s manual in English, French, and Spanish. Equus backs the Innova 3160B with a 1 year limited warranty on parts and service.

Overall conclusion on the Innova 3160B

The large blue backlit LCD display on the 3160B gives you a really clear view of all the data relayed back to you once the tool has run through its diagnostic process. The menus are easy to navigate, the whole system makes sense from the moment you turn it on, and it even gives you prompts as to what you should be doing next.

Features such as being able to check your ABS are really useful. Overall, the Innova 3160B is a very good quality auto scanner, and offers you a lot of functionality for the price.

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