The bilingual OTC 9450 OBD II scanner is designed to help you check up on your ABS and SRS (airbag system). You will be able to quickly and easily diagnose the cause of the check engine alert when it comes on, and of course any ABS and SRS indicator lights if and when they start to appear.

The OTC 9450 device is very simplistic in its design. It is a compact size, and you will be able to hold it with one hand with ease so it will not be too cumbersome when youOTC 9450 are working with it. The buttons are clear and easy to read, as is the display screen that shows all of the data produced.

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There are a few different systems that the OTC 9450 can diagnose. The OBD II 1996 to present vehicles, domestic ABS vehicles from 1996 onwards, domestic airbag vehicles from 96’ onwards and CAN enabled vehicles too. This covers the vast majority of the vehicles on the road now.

A great feature of the OTC 9450 is the fact that it can be updated via the internet. You simply plug it in to your PC, and you will be able to get all of the latest updates so you know that your device will be as accurate and efficient as possible.

Key features of the OTC 9450

Live data display

When you plug the OTC 9450 into your car, you will see live data appear on the display. This will give you fast results so you can quickly go about solving any problems the device picks up. You can read and also erase and codes you don’t need.

Backlit display

If you are working in and around your vehicle there is a good chance that the light is going to be minimal at best in a few places. So the OTC 9450 has a backlit display that will show you all the data you need to see, no matter how dark it is in the work area.

OTC 9450 review

Battery power option

While you do not need to use a battery to power the OTC 9450 when you are using it to read codes on your vehicle, there may be times when you want to use the device away from this area to check up on codes. So you have the option of running it by battery too, so for these occasions when you need to use it away from the vehicle you can do so.

Scanning suite software (optional)

You also have the option of downloading the Scanning suite software from This will give you many additional features such as manuals, print capture ability, tool update software and a lot more besides. You do not need to have this additional software suite to use the OTC 9450 for its normal functions.


Final thoughts on the OTC 9450

This scanner is very easy to use. If you have no experience in using an auto scanner, then the 9450 is a great option to consider as the learning curve is minimal. It produces fast results, and you will get live updates shown on the display. The ability to be able to check your ABS and SRS with this device is going to pay for itself over and over many times. It is a great feature to have, and the OTC 9450 is certainly a tool that will be extremely useful for many car owners.

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